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Vaccum Cleaner

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What We


Carpet cleaning is essential for every home! It can remove stains, odors, or any discoloration to transform any room. We use all-natural shampoo that breaks down any trapped in dirt or bacteria. Finish off with steaming and vacuuming which leaves the carpet with a clean scent and looking brand new. All pricing based of $0.35 per square foot.


Upholstery cleaning will brighten and deodorize any couch or chair to brighten any space. Restoring your couch or chair to its original beauty.


We pride ourselves with the attention to detail we use to clean tile. By scrubbing each individual grout line to really make the tile pop. Finally we pressure clean to leave the tile shiny and clean. All pricing based off $0.50 per square foot.

Between my kids and dog our family couch was done for! Or so I thought… Until I got it professionally cleaned by Teddys Tile and Carpet Cleaning. My couch looks brand new and smells great. I couldn’t be happier!

Pam Jones

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